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Sweet Earth Foods

Sweet Earth Foods is all-natural, handcrafted, Vegan / Vegetarian, packed with Plant-based Protein and exploding with worldly flavors! We created a series of Tasty-style videos as well as an Instagram experience, highlighting those exotic flavors and natural ingredients in their Artisan bowls.

Social, Video, Outdoor
Role: AD | Team: CD: Brent Van Horne, CW: Jeremy Arkin

Instagram Endless Table Video Walk-through

Instagram Endless Table Video Walk-through

A simple experience highlighting exotic ingredients.

A Tasty-style Trick

A Tasty-style Trick

At the peak of their popularity, we created tasty-style videos that were meant to look like how-to recipes featuring exotic and delicious ingredients, only to reveal that all you had to do was microwave a Sweet Earth bowl for 3 minutes and enjoy.


Curry Tiger

Bean & Mango Cubano

General Tso's Tofu

Kyoto Stir Fry

Time Square at Christmas

Time Square at Christmas

What do you do when you're given 48 hours to come up with a billboard for the most visually overstimulating place on earth? We contrasted the surrounding mania with simplicity and brought a 40ft pacing tiger to the concrete jungle.