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The Gap Casting Call is a global and annually ran promotion that celebrates children’s individuality by giving voice to their aspirations and exploring what they love to do and all that they were born to be.

Creative, Website, Promotion, Social
Role: AD | Team: ECD: Kate Daggett, CD: Cat Penfold, AD: Lauren D'Aloisio Jay Espiritu, CW: Jeremy Arkin

Born To be

Born To be

Parents in US, Canada, UK, Japan and France entered their kid's photo for a chance to win a photoshoot for the GapKids fall campaign. The UX is mobile-focused and we made it super-simple to upload a photo and enter the contest.

The Doodler

The Doodler

Our awesome "add on" was a doodle feature, perfect for parents and kids to decorate and share their photos — and thereby sharing our message. Not only did we beat 2015's record of 600k submissions, we also filled Instagram and Facebook with the cutest kids and doodles.