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Farmers Insurance

From overflowing bathtubs to unintended parking spots in your living room, Farmers has seen it all. With their knowledge and experience, they can help you get the coverage that's right for you.

We sold in an animated world that not only created a distinct and fun brand identity, but also allowed us to create big ideas without a Hollywood budget. It's been so successful that the brand team had to add a whole new section to their guidelines.

Digital banners, Facebook Ads, Landing pages
Roles: Concept/AD, CD: Cat Penfold, AD: Lauren Daloiso, CW: Jeremy Arkin

Under One Roof

Under One Roof

Few things are sexier than the phrase, "bundling insurance services". But we thought we'd crank up the steam and create a tantalizing visual demonstration of insurance policies uniting as one. We bent time and space with a Mad Magazine back cover concept that not only merged the image, but had a headline that resolved with a call to action.

In An Instant

In An Instant

Life can come at us fast. That's true for both the good and the bad. Most people think that nothing bad could happen to them, but reality is, disasters don't discriminate. This campaign tries to literally shake people into into realizing that all it takes is a second for their world to come crashing down.

Ask A Local

Ask A Local

Local Farmers agents have inside scoop that can make the difference between just another insurance plan, and the right coverage for you.