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Hi! I’m Meijun (pronounced May-June-July).

I’m a Chinese-born, Jamaican-raised Art Director living and working in New York. Like all my fellow immigrants, I’m constantly going above and beyond to prove that I deserve to be in this country, chasing this thing called “The American Dream.”

My philosophy is to surround myself with amazing people, to create great work, and to have fun doing it. As a conceptual thinker, I’m always telling visual stories, from simple one-off social posts to full-blown 360 campaigns. I’ve been Art Director on numerous CPG accounts, translating ideas into social, digital banners, websites, videos, animations, and more. I’ve played an integral role in winning numerous pitches, with “work-wife” level collaborations and idea-driven, outside-the-box thinking.

Speaking of work-wife, if you like me, you'll love him: Jeremy Arkin

I’m a huge dog lover, and the proud pup-dad to a beautiful Jack Russel Mix named Guillermo. Rescued from the Korean Meat Trade, he now lives like a king – follow him for a daily dose of pawesomeness on Instagram at @helloitsguillermo.

Resume available upon request.


My life revolves around :

My dog Guillermo
My turtles Micah and Don
Table Tennis
Fried Chicken
Going to dog parks
Netflix or nothing